Frequently Asked Questions

When is NemoVote available?

NemoCloud is officially available since November 2017. NemoBox shipping service will start in 2019

What if you desperately would like to use NemoVote but don't think you have a good enough connection for online voting?

No problem, NemoVote is also available as a offline system, we sent you the tiny NemoBox that opens a local wifi just for NemoVote, it’s off the grid, you don’t even need an internet connection for it. The NemoBox with its mesh wifi access points can easily handle hundreds of voters.

In which countries do you ship the NemoBox?

We will start shipping to European Union countries. This is mostly due to shipping expenses and time. If your meeting is outside the EU we can ship it to an EU address and you can take the box with you to the meeting. If you need shipping outside the EU, we can sent

I can find many online voting tools. What is special about NemoVote?

Most, if not all of those offers are for audience polling. You get an online link to give to people and they can vote on that link – no matter who has that link.

NemoVote can also of course be used as an audience polling if you want to make a quick snapshot about what everyone in the room thinks about an issue – but is far more powerful than that: In NemoVote you have a full grown user management and dynamic voting rights setting. This means you have full control over your users, users can either sign up and you give them voting rights or you prepopulate it with your existing membership data and give each voter a login, which can work especially neat if you haveĀ  organisations as your members.

You also have a dynamic setting of voting rights, this means the administrator can set voting rights with one click – during the meeting, and even in between votes. This means, you can take away voting credentials if someone leaves the room.

You also have several other features specifically developed from our experience in running NGO meetings: for example, you can see in an open vote who has voted and who has not voted yet. You can see in the blink of an eye who the person is, which vote is missing and kindly ask them to submit the vote – which makes you save even more time.

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