Free Online Voting


Many assemblies and events of organisations and nonprofits are canceled at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the important work of the civil society must continue! Move your elections and voting online with the NemoVote Cloud – we are offering our powerful E2E live online voting tools to youth organisations and selected nonprofits for free during the pandemic!


Run your assembly online and use NemoVote for your votes, elections and live audience feedback


Secure end to end voting (E2E) – each vote is verified and recorded. Secure ballots, secure vote transmission and secure logins.


Run the most efficient meeting. Prepare your votes in advance, save hours on delays or counting votes.

Online Voting and Elections

Optimized for NGOs and Organisations

We come from a NGO background ourselves and have significant experience in running meetings and General Assemblies of nonprofits. NemoVote has been optimised to help such organisations run efficient elections and assemblies. You have full dynamic voting rights control within NemoVote, access to advanced features such as weighted voting and voting lists, so that we are confident, that we can accomodate almost any voting or election system that your association might use!

No Downloads – All Devices

A state of the art voting software: your members can vote with their phones, tablets or laptops – no downloads, no apps. Full grown user management & user authentication and dynamic voting rights settings – you have full control of who has voting rights – at all times!

I Want the Cloud Offer

Get your free NemoVote Cloud offer from us for your next event or meeting. #SocialDistancing #FlattenTheCurve

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NemoVote Features

What We Offer

NemoCloud is the online offer of NemoVote. You and your members connect to NemoVote through the internet  and you can start with your meeting, run votes or elections  Here is an overview of some of the core functions of NemoVote:

Voting and much more

You can prepare all votes / ballots before starting the meeting and set the votes live during the session when you need them. You can add up to 9 options for each vote, or you can directly open a motion with the options “Yes, No, Abstain”.

Online Roll Call

RollCall is done directly in the App, you can see who is online and run the roll call electronically and ensure the quorum for you elections is met.

Dynamic setting of Voting Rights

Set voting rights with one click – during the meeting and even in between votes. This means, you can add voters (for example if one of your organisation obtains voting rights during the meeting) or take away voting credentials if someone leaves the meeting.

Broadcast and Chat

Sent links or messages during the meeting directly to your members and use the chat to interact in-between votes.