Nemo – The most powerful and affordable voting system 

NemoCloud is the easiest and lowest-barrier entry to electronic voting for you – we feel very strongly that it is not only the most affordable solution with a full user and  voting rights management, but that its also exactly what you need. We ourselves come from a student association / NGO background and have incorporated our own experiences into NemoVote.  And the best: If you are a student organisation, you can get a free use of NemoCloud for one of your events in 2018! (see our Student Leaders offer in the menu)

NemoBox – Our Offline Solution

What use is the best voting system, if the wifi or internet connection fails? We have been at countless meetings in the most renowned universities or auditoriums just to see the internet connection falling apart.
The solution is our NemoBox, it’s a tiny computer that runs the server for NemoVote and opens a dedicated wifi network just for voting. You don’t have to worry about a stable internet uplink, because you don’t need an internet connection. You just plug the power cables in and position the wifi access point and can start voting – everything is pre configured, plug and play. And because our platform uses mesh wifi technology, its highly scalable. You can cover hundreds of participants if needed. We just ship some additional mesh wifi antennas and you are good to go. Those also only need a power plug, so you can easily place them and there is no cable mess.

NemoBox – Secure wifi voting – no internet needed

Your local voting server & wifi router

NemoBox is a very small computer that runs the NemoVote application and also acts as a router for the Nemo Wifi. Together with the pre-configured access-points, they open the wifi in which your users can login and vote. You don’t have to worry about the internet connectivity ever again. 

How does it work?

You order the NemoBox for your event, we ship it to you (with a return shippment label included) together with the mesh wifi accesspoints, you unpack and plug the box and it’s ready to be used. After the event you sent the hardware in the same box back to us. 

50, 100 or 500 users? Nemobox can handle it!

In February 2018 we will start shipping to European Union member states. NemoBox comes with mesh wifi access points (AP) and is highly scalable, depending of the number of your participants we will sent you several small APs and you can easily cover all your users with it. 

NemoBox 2.0

Nemobox is the newest version of our server-router device that will help you run your meeting. While our first testbench, NemoBox 1.0, was rather like a small office computer, it enabled us to do important software and hardware field test. NemoBox 2.0 now, is optimized for size and performance – It’s not much bigger than a stack of smartphones and something that we feel confident about and will be able to start shipping in February 2018. At the moment we are developing a beautifull 3d-printed case for the box.

Powerfull Wifi

We ship Nemo with specifically configured enterprise grade wifi access points (using hardware from Ubiquiti Networks Inc.) and together with the NemoBox they open a strong and reliable wifi for your voting needs.

You don’t have to buy standard voting devices, only rent one NemoBox, thus making your NGO run greener with a smaller ecological footprint.

Size matters

The team worked hard to decrease the size of the NemoBox to the smallest sensible format, so it can be shipped across the world at low cost. And so that you don’t have to carry huge hardware with you, but run your meeting with 200 people with a hardware equipment, that can fit in a handbag. We wanted NemoBox to have a low ecological footprint, you don’t have to buy (and carry) voting devices for each participant because everyone llready has a very powerful voting device with them – smartphone, tablet, laptop, anything that has a modern web browser will be able to run NemoVote!

Vote "off the grid" at your event with NemoBox + NemoVote

Interested in using NemoBox for your event/meeting?